President Obama Fires High Ranking Nuclear Chiefs
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In an unprecedented move, reports of the Obama administration firing a second military commander of the U.S. Nuclear Weapons system have surfaced. These officers have some of the highest clearances you can get, and have been in charge of the nation’s most sensitive nuclear arsenals.

Reuters reported on Friday, Oct 11th that Major General Michael Carey was fired from his job as Commander of the 20th Air Force. The role is responsible for three wings of intercontinental missiles, a total of 450 missiles at three different US bases. He has served for 35 years per his Air Force bio, with numerous awards.

The Air Force is reporting the firing is due to the current administrations “loss of trust” in . A Pentagon official told Reuters on Friday that the decision to fire the 2 star general was made by Lieutenant General James Kowalski. Kowalski has replaced him with Major General Jack Weinstein.

On Wednesday, October 9th, President Barack Obama himself fired the Navy head of nuclear weapons, according to ABCNews Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz. Navy Vice Admiral Tim Giardina, the second-in-charge at US Strategic Command, was fired by the President. Official statement indicates firing was due to use of counterfeit poker chips at an Iowa casino.

Some say the firings of these two, along with two Marine Corp Generals, an Army Brigadier General, an Army 2-star General, and a Navy 1-star General are part of an effort to clean up operational failures, such as the 2007 incident of the Minot missing nukes.

According to a wide range of reports, several nuclear bombs were “lost” for 36 hours after taking off August 29/30, 2007 on a “cross-country journey” across the U.S., from U.S.A.F Base Minot in North Dakota to U.S.A.F. Base Barksdale in Louisiana. Reportedly, in total there were six W80-1 nuclear warheads armed on AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles that were “lost.” The story was first reported by the Military Times, after military servicemen leaked the story

The rare firings of military nuclear chiefs follows another recent incident of nukes making headlines.

As reported by CBS local Charlotte affiliate station on September 3rd, Senator Lindsay Graham told reporters in Goose Creek that if the US didn’t invade Syria, and launch a first strike war against Iran, that nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists could result in a bomb coming to Charleston Harbor. After the US Congress refusal to authorize war in Syria, Senator Lindsay Graham has not provided clarification for that statement made on September 3rd.

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by Anthony Gucciardi
September 5th, 2013
Updated 09/29/2013 at 6:52 pm
Senator Lindsey Graham has warned South Carolinians about the threat of a ‘terrorist nuclear attack’ on the same day that our exclusive high level military intel revealed to us that nuclear warheads were being shipped to South Carolina from a major Texas airforce base under an ‘off the record’ black ops transfer.

Found in the CBS report entitled ‘Graham: Nukes In Hands Of Terrorists Could Result In Bomb Coming To Charleston Harbor’, the report details Graham’s warning that a lack of military action in Syria could result in a nuclear ‘bombing’ in Charleston, South Carolina — the very destination of the black ops nuclear transfer. The CBS report reads:

“He [Graham] says if there is no U.S. response [to Syria], Iran will not believe America’s resolve to block Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Graham also says those nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists could result in a bomb coming to Charleston Harbor.”

Graham is quite literally saying that if we do not launch a war with Syria, South Carolina may be nuked. And this ultimately reeks of yet another false flag being orchestrated by the United States government in order to send us into war, or at the very least a threat. Except this time, we’re talking about nuclear weapons. Amazingly, we were the first to get intel on this from our credible and extremely high level military source, who told us the following:

“Dyess is beginning to move out nuclear war heads today. I got a tap from DERMO earlier. He said it was the first time they have been even acknowledged since being put there in the 80′s. No signature was required for transfer… There was no directive. He said that Dyess Commander was on site to give authority to release. No one knew where they were going really, but the truck driver said to take them to South Carolina and another pick up will take them from there.”

This was sent to us before the Graham report came out warning about the nuclear attack on South Carolina, and coincides exactly with what Graham is saying. I am deeply concerned by these findings, and ask everyone to spread the word on this information immediately. Whether or not Graham is receiving intel from higher ups and believes in a legitimate terror attack on the horizon is unknown, but the reality here is that we have intelligence that has linked the unsigned transfer of nuclear warheads to this exact location.

Here is the video report we did on Tuesday regarding the missing nuclear warheads:

Now, we need answers.

The entire event is eerily similar to the unsigned nuke transfer that is now known as the ’2007 United States Air Force nuclear weapons incident’, in which nuclear warheads went ‘missing’ from Minot Air Force Base and Barksdale Air Force Base back in August of 2007. The Minot event, however, was major national news and was even covered by the mainstream media extensively. Disturbingly, however, numerous individuals from the base began dying like flies and committing suicide after the event — and that’s even when it was in the mainstream.

Hopefully, this entire thing will amount to nothing and pass by without any form of ‘terror’ attack. Hopefully the attendee during the speech who told the US News publication that Graham’s speech was ‘absolute fear mongering’ is right. Unfortunately, the military source revealing this information is extremely accurate and is absolutely certain that a black ops nuclear transfer did indeed take place. And what’s more concerning is the fact that we have not heard from the source in quite some time.

We are risking our lives bringing you this report on the high level intel and connecting the dots here to what Lindsey is saying. You won’t hear about this in the mega media unless we force them to cover it, and it’s up to us to get this out there. For the first time, we may be able to utilize this high level intelligence to get answers and stop a potential attack.


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Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Earthquake a rarity in Virginia – aftershocks expected

W & L Seismogram

It was a bumpy Tuesday afternoon in Roanoke and most of the Eastern seaboard. The 5.8 magnitude earthquake was felt from Georgia to Toronto, Canada and west as far as Illinois. “There will be aftershocks,” said John Hole, Professor of Geosciences at Virginia Tech.

The professor was right as a 4.2 magnitude aftershock hit Fuvanna County at 8:00 p.m. Tuesday night.

The quake occurred at 1:50 p.m. and lasted about 20 seconds. It was the largest earthquake in Virginia since the Giles County earthquake of 1897 that also measured 5.8 in magnitude.

The epicenter was located in Mineral, Virginia in Louisa County population 430. Mayor Pam Harlowe said, “everyone in town is quite shaken up.” As she rode around checking the small city she saw that all the brick chimneys of the historic town had crumbled but there were no injuries. Schools had cracks and were closed.

“It is a good time to clean out cabinets since they were already emptied for us,” Harlowe said with a nervous laugh. “The little town of Mineral is only one square mile in size and the older homes are structurally weak anyway,” said Harlowe.

Residents described their experience differently. Some thought it sounded like a train while others described it like a big wind or explosion. Those in vehicles didn’t feel anything. Mineral’s local grocery store had all shelves emptied into the aisle.

Lynn Petty Payne of Glen Allen was very close to the epicenter. She said, “Our whole house shook hard. There was a very loud rumble; I could see the walls moving. I thought a train must have derailed. I ran outside, but there were no trains passing by. Then I saw my neighbors running outside.”

Sue Preddy of Roanoke said she was under a beauty solon hair dryer and “her head kept hitting the sides – she thought the dryer was malfunctioning.”

Roanoke City’s Mike Guzo, Emergency Management Coordinator put out a message saying what people should do in an earthquake. He said to remember that it could be a foreshock and there could be another one even stronger. He said to “drop to the ground” and “take cover under a sturdy table” at the first sign of a quake.

Roanoke County elementary schools sent students home a little early. The high schools and middle schools were evacuated safely and the buildings were checked for damage. All were deemed safe.

From Virginia Tech

The quake was the largest on the East Coast since 1897. National Monuments closed, as aftershocks were highly likely. Amtrak was inspecting stations and railroad infrastructure.

A water pipe burst flooding the pentagon and though flights resumed at JFK and Newark there were delays. The National Cathedral in Washington D.C. sustained damage.

Nuclear power plants are dangerous in quakes. As they were designed to do two Nuclear reactors at the North Anna nuclear power facility in Louisa County shut down safely.

There was a crack in the Washington Monument and to break the tension one tourist said that it was leaning but he could not tell if “it was to the left or to the right.”

All government buildings in D.C. were evacuated including the National Mall. At a Capitol police briefing they said that they were going through all federal office buildings to ensure they were safe.

Governor Bob McDonnell issued a statement saying in part, “All indications are that emergency response plans and orderly evacuations have gone well … I would like to encourage all Virginians to check on neighbors and loved ones and to continue cooperating with law enforcement and emergency personnel. All resources of the Commonwealth have been put on alert to assist in any way necessary as we move forward.”

Washington and Lee geology professor David Harbor shows James Crawford ’58 the seismograph.

Members of the Washington and Lee University community had made their way to the Geology Department in the Science Center, where the department’s two seismographs had captured the earthquake on seismograms.

“There are earthquakes in this part of the country, but they are relatively rare events,” said Paul Low, a visiting assistant professor of geology at W&L. “With the preliminary estimate of a 5.9 on the Richter scale, this would actually be a historic event. The largest previous earthquake in Virginia was also 5.9, in 1897 in Giles County, Va.”

“We’re in an area that hasn’t received a lot of tectonic activity for a very long time,” Low said.

Many native Californians were unfazed by the “moderate tremor.” Californians experience such tremors often and didn’t see what all the fuss was about. Don’t tell that to some Virginians – this event will be the topic of discussion for a very long time.

By Valerie Garner

Earthquake a rarity in Virginia – aftershocks expected