Journalist Kidnapped, Beaten by Cops for Filming a Crime
Sheriff Candidate and Journalist Chris Dorsey Kidnapped, Beaten, Threatened by Cops

Convicted Ex-Gov. McDonnell Attacks Press TV Reporter on Video After He Asks Him About Mossad’s 9/11 and U.S.S. Liberty Attacks on U.S.A.

Senator Jim DeMint Freaks Out When Press TV Reporter Brings Up AIPAC Corruption
Chris Dorsey exposes Senator Jim DeMint’s Treason

Obama’s Richmond Goons Kidnap, Rape Press TV Journalist, Use ELF to Cause Fellow Journalist Massive Seizures and Headaches in Soft Kill Attempts

Press TV Reporter Proves Government Crimes in Court of Record
Man proves felonies carried out against him by the Richmond government.

Press TV Reporter Chris Dorsey Exposes NDAA Kidnappings

NDAA Kidnapping in Action by DHS and Richmond City Police Part 1
Patriot News called Richmond City Police Dept. and asked (VERY politely) on info on how Glen Sutphin Desktop Publications reporter Glen M Sutphin can retrieve his STOLEN PROPERTY…and the Copster LIED TO US ON VIDEO. WATCH THIS.

NDAA Kidnapping in Action by DHS and Richmond City Police Part 2
This is the number that the Richmond City Copster gave me for the “police dept.” So after kidnapping Chris they use an official policy to unlawfully LIE to people about their crimes.

NDAA Kidnapping in Action by DHS and Richmond City Police Part 3

“Accidental” Fire Almost Burns Down Patriot News Reporters House

What a “coincidence.” One of our reporters, Glen Sutphin helps Press TV correspondent and Chemtrail Reporter Amanda Williams (who has been issued her own FBI Stasi stalker) expose corruption within Richmond City Fire Dept., PD and City Hall, his friend is kidnapped and beaten by RPD, RFD file a false PD report on Chris, etc. Then Glen’s home has a sudden near-fire after he apparently gets attacked for days with EMFs through his SMART meter, causing near-fatal seizures, bleeding and severe migraines.

Patriot News Reporter Glen Sutphin Shows Area of NDAA Kidnapping

Press TV and CBS Reporters Interrupted by Secret Service Goons
What was done here is a FEDERAL CRIME. Making a False Report to the Secret Service, especially for political harassment and intimidation purposes, is an EXTREMELY SERIOUS CRIME.