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WTF? – Weekly Tin Foil: The UN Is Coming To Disarm America
Author: Charles Topher June 27, 2015 3:08 pm

This week’s WTF is a particularly hilarious conspiracy theory, being that the proof that it’s bogus is encapsulated in the same “proof” that it exists. The right-wing extremists, in their quest to believe anything that supports their hobbies of arsenal building, bunker stocking and fear-mongering, have proven that all one needs to do is find a document with some keywords, add some blue highlighter and watch in glee as they go into panic mode.

P.N. – Apparently Chuck thinks the planned destruction of millions of people’s lives is “hilarious.” I don’t.

“Conspiracy theory” is a term used to shut people up from telling the truth about President Kennedy’s murder by the CIA, as this memo shows:


“Right-wing extremists”…I guess he means the CIA/ISIS armies that are currently ravaging the Middle East for no reason.

Wait, the CIA/ISIS watches “Glee?” I had no idea. Makes sense though. Didn’t one of them get arrested for child pornography the other day? Oh wait, speaking of which, Charles Topher’s “ADDICTING INFO” site promotes child pornography:



If you’re gullible, don’t know how to use the Google and live in a state of perpetual fear that your government is out to get you, this is the issue for you. “sopportuysabantsa,” a nutjob who writes for an absolutely ridiculous righty site called Patriot News II, put up an article this week titled “SHOCK: UN Admits it is Coming to Take Our Guns by Force!”

P.N. – This clownhat obviously needs to learn how to either read, spell and/or type, as the writer’s name is “supportusabantsa.” Also, our site is not “righty,” whatever that means. We expose all groups of organized criminals, no matter who they try to brand themselves as. Always has been, always will be. I guess since facts, logic and proof don’t matter to this moron/liar, why should actual words?

The article has no writing whatsoever, just dozens of links, videos and images that support this injustice to the American people. The first piece of real “evidence” comes in this image:


P.N. – It wasn’t an article, Chuck. It was a collection of postings from various news sites and other sites along with OFFICIAL U.N./U.S.A. CORPORATION and Vatican DOCUMENTS and QUOTES that SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. That is what the word “evidence” means. You don’t need to prove murder if you have not only the smoking gun, but videotape of the murder and a signed confession from the murderer. The only people who can’t/won’t admit that are co-conspirators/traitors and/or complete morons. Chuck also “accidentally” missed the following 642 pages of Offical Documents admitting that the U.N. is trying to steal Americans’ guns:

Click here to access this 642 page document “The Treason Documents”: …

35909857 Congressional Record Conspiracy to Destroy the US 1954

Freedom From War Disarmament 1961 GOV

Our Foreign Policy-State Department Publication 3972

Army Surveillance of Civilians-A Documentary Analysis-Official Congressional Report


Oh my. It says right there in blue highlighter “United Nations a Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.” That settles it right there. The UN has just declared that it is coming to take our guns by force. Of course if you read the whole sentence, the program was designed to prevent nuclear holocaust, which at the time the document was written was becoming what most thought to be a near-certainty.

P.N. – An entire paragraph that says absolutely nothing and starts off with a non-sentence quoting Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz. Chuck is sure to win a Pulitzer Prize for writing for this shlock. No really, he probably will.

Wait…The time the document was written? That’s not highlighted in blue, how could anyone possibly know that?

Patriot News: his screenshots are posted at his stupid site, here:

Typically to debunk a myth you have to find a link to the truth. When you can simply highlight it in a different color on the same image you know you’re dealing with true knuckleheads. But…what if – and this is crazy, they find proof elsewhere and highlight that, too?

P.N. – Get that, kids? If you dare use a highlighter on an Official Document, then that makes that document no longer real. And if you use more than one color of highlighter, you are apparently declared an Enemy of the State.


Oh no. There it is again. It says it again. Right there in blue. Again. And this time there’s a stamp from “Nightly News,” so, I mean…are we really just screwed here? Personally I wasn’t convinced, so I continued scanning for more proof of this blatant desecration of our rights as Americans. Wouldn’t you know it, the proof was once again right there in front of me:

P.N. – Obviously Chuck has never heard of, but thinks it is called “Nightly News.” He has suddenly changed his mind completely about Americans’ right to own guns, however, from what it was just a few minutes ago. I guess our posting has convinced him he was wrong…or maybe he is just schizophrenic and will revert back to his other MK Ultra Alter in the next few paragraphs. (Yep, its that one.)

This time it’s in orange, AND somebody is pointing to it. Yup, we’re all screwed. This is definitely going down. Sometime between September of 1961 and…tomorrow, if you believe these imbeciles.

P.N. – Chuck’s continuing obsession with colored markers again comes out of the dark recesses of his delusional mind. Perhaps his hatred for markers comes from some sort of childhood sodomy or other trauma with Crayola products?

Come now…Even in these extreme circles this kind of silliness has to be discounted, right? We couldn’t possibly live in a world where this kind of thing gets ignored as rubbish and fades into oblivion, could we?

P.N. – So gun confiscation, invasion, mass murder and the planned destruction of the united States of America to Chuck = “silliness.” That explains a lot.

Oh how I wish that were the case. No, they came out in force. So much so that I felt the need to break my conservative cover and school them a bit on just how silly they were being, only to be banned from the thread and kicked out of the group.

P.N. – “They” came out “in force.” Wow. So not only are “they” apparently part of Hillary Clinton’s “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” but they are now also using violence on Facebook? Sounds scary, Chuck.

I did, however, manage to screen cap the fun. Since the internet is written in ink, here it shall live forever, or at least until net neutrality destroys the web and all computers. Since this was from a closed group, profile pictures and last names have been covered to protect the stupid:

P.N. – It was from an anonymous “closed group.” Sounds far more authentic than, say, actual United Nations documents.

To war! With Hungary? Or…are you hungry? George is set. we should all meet at his house. I’ll bet his canned peach collection is impressive. With a hearty belly laugh at the silliness I decided to enter the thread, alias (Michael S) at the ready, to interject some reality. This would surely mean expulsion from the group, but for the opportunity to troll people this dimwitted it was well worth it:

P.N. – Here Chuck tries to establish his trustworthiness by admitting he faked an entire account and lied to people on Facebook. Interesting approach.

The other Michael even read so far that he found a paragraph calling for the disarmament of regional military formations, which he interpreted as him and his drinking buddies who think they’re a militia, and still he couldn’t understand that this was a concept program from 1961. The fun continues:

P.N. – A “concept program.” Wow. So all the U.N. trucks, unlawful treaties, foreign troops training to attack and steal Americans guns, the whole violent military overthrow of New Orleans after Katrina and Boston after Craft morons blew up a handbag in a garbage can…all that is just a “concept program.” Huh. So Nazi Germany must now be called a “concept program” in public schools. Interesting.

The “gun ban treaty” is of course the ATT, signed last year by Secretary Kerry. After this screen cap, where David thinks his band of inbred brothers could stand more than 4 minutes against the US military, I had a few more posts, sending the nitwit Tom a link or two about the ATT, and then I was summarily banned, my alt profile exposed for the fraud that he was.

P.N. – No, Chuck, you’ve got it all wrong…there is no such thing as the U.N. Gun Ban Treaty or the ATT because you just said so a few paragraphs ago. This is all just a “silly” Cold War “concept program” like you said. Moreover, guns don’t even really EXIST…they are simply “concept weapons.”

This undercover investigation into right-wing extremist madness uncovered several things, most of which we already knew:

P.N. – “Undercover investigation.” Yeah, move over Deep Throat, Charles Topher is here.

Right-winger’s are absolute Froot Loops.

P.N. – Not sure what a “right-winger” is, are they the people who have merged with the so-called “left-wingers” and thrown away the Bill of Rights and are now funding both sides of the wars they started in Syria and Libya? I think those are called “tyrants.”

They will believe anything presented with a shiny object or pretty color to focus on.

P.N. – Again with the Crayola hate. Someone needs childhood sexual abuse therapy.

Proof and facts are counter-productive to the right-wing mind.

P.N. – So now Chuck FINALLY admits he is a “right-winger” ie tyrant. Now we are getting somewhere. This is the first thing he’s said that has made any sense whatsoever.

These people, being absolutely insane, are a serious threat to our society.

P.N. – Chuck now says he is absolutely insane.

They are delusional, paranoid and heavily armed.

P.N. – He is also delusional, paranoid and heavily armed…sounds like Charles Topher is a terrorist!

While it may be fun to poke them on Facebook, we should be terribly aware of the reality of their situation, which is to sit back and wait until the “time is right’ to lash out at society with violence.

P.N. – He likes to make fun of himself on Facebook and is planning to lash out at society with violence??? YIKES!!

Hopefully this particular group of extremists are nothing more than keyboard warriors.

P.N. – Oh wait, maybe not…apparently he hasn’t yet made up his mind.

Author: Charles Topher – Charles is a lifetime lefty liberal from Lowell who has managed to migrate (legally) to the backwoods of Maine. He writes from a 1 acre progressive bubble where Nobama stickers on pickemup truck bumpers are common.

PATRIOT NEWS: Here’s some more evidence of a conspiracy to murder Americans and steal their guns that “doesn’t really exist” :

2015-04-05 18_51_29-UN & DHS Authoritarian Takeover - YouTube

2015-04-05 18_53_28-UN & DHS Authoritarian Takeover - YouTube


2015-04-05 17_26_03-The Treason Documents


2015-04-05 17_26_45-The Treason Documents

2015-04-05 17_27_31-The Treason Documents

2015-04-05 17_27_49-The Treason Documents

2015-04-05 17_28_23-The Treason Documents

2015-04-05 17_30_38-The Treason Documents2015-04-05 17_32_20-The Treason Documents

2015-04-05 18_55_57-FEMA CAMPS spied from hot air balloon - YouTube

2015-04-05 18_49_30-UN & DHS Authoritarian Takeover - YouTube

2015-04-05 18_52_34-UN & DHS Authoritarian Takeover - YouTube

2015-04-05 18_50_58-UN & DHS Authoritarian Takeover - YouTube

2015-04-05 19_23_18-FEMA CAMPS spied from hot air balloon - YouTube
2015-04-05 19_21_54-FEMA CAMPS spied from hot air balloon - YouTube2015-04-05 19_22_30-FEMA CAMPS spied from hot air balloon - YouTube
2015-04-05 19_21_38-FEMA CAMPS spied from hot air balloon - YouTube
2015-04-05 19_20_46-FEMA CAMPS spied from hot air balloon - YouTube
2015-04-05 19_20_14-FEMA CAMPS spied from hot air balloon - YouTube

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