PATRIOT NEWS NOTE: This is how paranoid and deluded some of our brainwashed public servants (who are now openly working for CORPORATIONS and the Vatican’s UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, not our country, Constitution, governmental system or people) have become. They actually BELIEVE this crap:


Sovereign citizens believe that the government has no right to tax them, issue licenses, or do many of the other things that the average American citizen has accepted as the roles of government. They also believe that the only legitimate law enforcement officer is the elected sheriff.

Source: Sovereign Citizens: A Clear and Present Danger

PATRIOT NEWS NOTE: “…sworn ‘peace’ officer??? We don’t have “peace” officers in this country, we have POLICE officers in this country. “Peace officers” are a Vatican/UN MILITARIZED ARMY UNIT. And “MAG POUCHES?” SERIOUSLY???