CNN: Hillary/Jesuit CIA THREATENS Benghazi Survivors:

Clinton: ‘Stevens Was Joking When He Said He Was Under Attack’:

Benghazi Mother: ‘Hillary Clinton Told Me What Happened to My Son Was None of My Business’

Sworn Statement of Witnessed Treason and Misprision of Treason by: Barack Hussein Obama, Joseph Biden and Valerie Jarrett:…/sworn-statement-of-…/
BREAKING: U.S. Army Now Commanded by Obama to Wear CIA’s ISIS Logo on Their Shoulders:…/breaking-u-s-army-n…/
CIA/Obama Blame CHRISTIANS for Their Benghazi Murders:
FOX NEWS: CIA to Benghazi Survivors – “TALK AND YOUR KIDS ARE DEAD” –
PROOF That Obama/Brennan Are Running ISIS:

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PATRIOT NEWS NOTE: The FIRST of the Swiss CIA/Vatican’s mad “Heaven’s Gate” False Flags happened back in 1997, during the coming of the comet Hale-Bop. The CIA mass murdered their MK Ultra cultists then and are certainly planning to now again unless they are stopped by exposing this horrific False Flag Attack.…/the-source-of-white…/
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