FOX-CT Covertly Alters Sandy Hook News Report


Upon careful consideration and multiple attempts to contact Fox-CT and their parent affiliate out of New York City, all have refused and declined comment and/or action on the false narrative and false information posted in their article dated 5/20/13. The specifics of the case and article in question refer to an article posted and dated 5/20/13 provided below:


The original article dated 5/20/13 read “N.Y. Man Charged With Threatening Sandy Hook Families.” The web department at FOX-CT posted the article on 5/20/13 at 3:47PM and updated the article at 4:18PM with the following title “N.Y. Man Charged With Threatening Sandy Hook Families”, at this point in time the original article and title are unknown, however a FOX-CT representative has indicated that the title was changed at 4:18PM on 5/20/13.

As of September 18, 2015, between the hours of 6AM & 6PM the article listed above has been altered covertly to attempt to show that the below article was posted on the original date of 5/20/13.


As stated previously, multiple attempts to contact FOX-CT have been made. The end result has been a changed article that is titled “N.Y. Man Charged With Threatening Officials Tied To Sandy Hook.” Not only is there no update relative to the September 18, 2015 update, but the 5/20/13 (4:18PM) update has been hidden from public display. The kicker to the situation is that the link in question, now as of September 18, 2015, redirects you from viewing the original information/article. It appears that the narrative was not only sensationalized, but changed and altered in a way that provides misinformation, covering for the individuals responsible for writing the original article. As of today, September 19, 2015, no press release has ever been given to any agency, news outlet, State’s Attorneys office, and/or the defendant Jonathan Reich whatsoever. If the facts in question are to be presumed as true and accurate, it appears that Jonathan Reich’s case, the narrative, and the news stories were patently false. We continue to seek justice for Mr. Reich and an immediate dismissal is warranted for these baseless charges. One of our staff legal analysts has determined that this proves knowledge of the misinformation. Due to blatant non-compliance, negligence, and failure to remove the article in question it is justified that compensation is due at this point in time. Please stay tuned for more updates.

***Note: FOX-CT was so negligent in trying to hide the materials that two articles are listed as Pingback links on the altered article.