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PATRIOT NEWS: We’re just going to let the pictures this racist traitor pig put up do most of the talking for us…and throw in a few little tidbits of info that you should know along the way.


FUN FACT #1 – “Stephen Delgiuce” was an apparent Jesuit Organized Crime Peon who did some baloney interviews with CBS:

sh20FUN FACT #2: We pulled this screenshot off today, Nov. 2nd, 2015, and they are still claiming that it was their FIRST reported patsy, RYAN LANZA. You can’t make this crap up.

sh16sh19sh2sh21FUN FACT #3: No sane human being would describe the aftermath of an alleged school shooting as: “The transition has been really nice. They’ve done everything one can imagine for the kids. So far we’re very pleased with the security at the school.” Obviously this clown got paid off.

FUN FACT #4: Stevie is a multi-generational Sandy Hook Mason who really…

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