My favorite line in this interview was the newscaster’s “And look how well you turned out” to Tarantino’s admission that he had been raised on Ultra-Violence.

He and his CIA Jesuit pal Robert Rodriguez were busted for trying to start a Mexico vs. U.S. War by Alex Jones with their MACHETE movie starring their MK Ultra SLAVE Lindsay Lohan:…/ultra-violent…/

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Machete Race War Accusations Made Again by Alex Jones [Most racist film since Birth of a Nation?]
Associated Content ^ | September 6, 2010 | Robert Dougherty
Posted on 9/7/2010, 12:26:50 AM by 2ndDivisionVet

Alex Jones, the leading source for conspiracy theories on the Internet, has called the film a “racist bloodbath” and accused producers of lying about it. Back in May, Jones got a copy of the script and laid into it for being racist, and promoting all-out war against anyone who opposed illegal immigration of any kind.

After that initial report, Machete race war accusations were derided by Robert Rodriguez, who said that the worst of it wouldn’t be in the final cut. However, nearly everyone who’s seen the movie has noted that all of the white characters are extremist villains, and those against illegal immigration all meet gory ends.

With that, Machete race war comments have been made again by Jones, who says that everything he brought up in May did make it into the movie. He again claims that the film promotes “one-sided approval of Hispanic revenge killings,” and said that this is the most openly racist film since Birth of a Nation.

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