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PATRIOT NEWS: We confronted the organized crime San Bernadino Police Dept. on their treason and accessory to murder crimes on Dec. 3rd. You can see the official proof of their notification of their crimes immediately following their updated Facebook post of a CIA Black SUV that was used in the Jesuit False Flag “Shooting.”


The Independent American confronts San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department with Their Treasonous Anti-American False Flag Complicity Crimes



PATRIOT NEWS NOTE: We oppose all violence.

PATRIOT NEWS: Would you like to know a secret? A deep, dark, evil secret? “Camp DELTA,”  “Camp X-RAY,” and all the other “U.S.” Concentration Camps in Gitmo Bay, Cuba are Jesuit CIA/Nazi-run MK Ultra Terrorist Creation Factory.

That’s right, folks. That’s why its in a Communist Country, which is an enemy of the United States…because on U.S. shores it would be found out and would be revealed as an overt act…

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