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IF THIS DOESN’T PROVE THE JESUITS ARE BEHIND TERRORISM, NOTHING WILL!!! The ONLY people who tell others to get rid of guns are those who want to enslave and rule over those same people. Hitler and all of his SS ruling “elite” were Roman Catholic Jesuits

Excerpts from: By Western Journalism:


Many wondered how he could square such a position with his reliance on armed bodyguards. The pope is facing mounting criticism this week after making a controversial pronouncement about professed Christians who either work or invest in the arms industry. During what Reuters described as a “long, rambling talk” in Turin, Italy, Pope Francis took aim at firearms supporters with one particularly direct allegation. He denounced “people, managers, businessmen who call themselves Christians and they manufacture weapons,” suggesting that Catholics would be justified in distrusting the claims of anyone in such a situation. In his address, delivered in…

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