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PATRIOT NEWS NOTE: David Wheeler is a gun grabber/lunatic who is active with the Satanic United Nations crime syndicate and with Hollywood as an actor.

SHH1PATRIOT NEWS: Barry Soetoro, Esq. posted the following on various websites:


BUSTED! Sandy Hook’s STAR ACTOR, David Wheeler

By“Barry Soetoro, Esq”

He’s not Tom Cruise, but he starred in the biggest production of 2012. The $500 Million Newtown hoax featured Hollywood actor David Wheeler:

Wheeler plays the father of (fictional) “Benjamin Wheeler,” a child gunned down in the Newtown CT “school shooting.”

But Newtown isn’t Wheeler’s first gun movie. In the 2001 movie FAITHFUL, David Cole Wheeler plays a character who cannot decide whether to hang himself or shoot himself in the head:

Wheeler finally decides to blow his brains out with a huge pistol:

Fast forward to Sandy Hook (2012), where that dramatic flair pays off. At Newtown, David Wheeler lands dual roles…

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