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Thursday, November 20, 2014

An Eerie Visit to Sandy Hook – Newtown CT

By Citizen Journalist, “BARRY”
I went through Sandy Hook (Newtown CT) this weekend (10/12/2014), and took a bunch of Photos.
Mike Shoesmith interviewed me twice about my Sandy Hook trip (see AUDIO links):
Sandy Hook Elementary school is where the (alleged) “Biggest School Shooting in US History” happened.
The infamous Firehouse is where the Sandy Hook “Memorial Service” was held — and Crisis Actors wandered in circles through the parking lot.
Driveway blocked by orange cones is “Dickenson Drive,” the entrance to the now-bulldozed Sandy Hook Elementary school. It runs adjacent to the Firehouse parking lot.
Newtown is clearly a Potemkin Village. Many buildings are abandoned – and homes look neglected.
Sandy Hook…

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