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FACT: the hideously-powerful brainwashing drug scolopamine was administered to Gitmo prisoners of war, and allegedly to ALL Gitmo POW’s.

FACT: Obama and Jarrett put a LOT of time and resources into retrieving “captured” Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, which they NEVER do for any of our U.S. Military members. This unlawful administration has literally been waging constant WAR against our military members for the past 6 years, as well as mass-murdering friends, foes and children indiscriminately.

FACT: Obama WANTED the 5 Gitmo thugs released for a REASON that involved something other than one of our “bump in the road” military members’ freedom.

FACT: Bergdahl’s parents APPEAR to be MK Islam brainwashing victims. In the video, Bowe’s mother was dressed up in a sexy dress and paraded like an MK Ultra Beta Kitten on Obama’s arm like eye-candy, right in front of her own Muslim husband. Bowe Bergdahl also exhibits…

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