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The Wall Will Fall

31st December 2015

Written by Tim Anderson

Originally published in Telesur.


Sadly, eyes often glaze over at the latest massacre in Syria, because the story is so repetitive. But what story? A double massacre by “moderate rebels” in Homs and Damascus and the subsequent re-spinning of the story, show the wall of disinformation we face. Through an agreement with the Syrian Government, on Dec. 8 hundreds of what the western media has come to call "anti-Assad rebels" (a mixture of Syrian and Nusra Front terrorists) and their families were bussed out of the last part of occupied Homs city. They were sent to northern Idlib to join their colleagues in another sectarian coalition called the “Army of Conquest,” sent in from Turkey eight months ago and currently being battered back by Russian bombing and a Syrian Army counter-offensive. Two days later, as a parting shot, the terrorists detonated two…

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