01/04/16 in Palmer, Massachusetts

This tower’s very existence constitutes a slew of felony crimes by T-Mobile and all other (including the CIA) people and organizations involved, including attempted murder, torture, targeted harassment and mind control. The CIA/DHS/FBI/U.S. Army are using these towers to HAARP all the people in these buildings and the entire area, damaging their health and making it difficult to think. The HAARP effect can be seen on cloudy days extremely well according to Palmer residents. We have photographic evidence that their claims are true.

Some residents also claim to have heard a thundering/booming sound. One woman we interviewed said it sounded to her like “whoom-whoom-whoom.” A man we interviewed said that he was experiencing nightmares at the same time the other witnesses heard the booming/wave-like noise.

Reports of tinnitus, confusion, lethargy, difficulty remembering and concentrating, agitation, depression and anxiety are widespread in the town and surrounding cities…the same areas that cradled the united States of America’s first President, George Washington, who was strongly opposed to torture, harassment and other crimes.

January 4th, 2016 by PATRIOT NEWS/THE INDEPENDENT AMERICAN. Copies may be made of this video for informational purposes, with or without attribution.

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