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The Black Congressional Caucus endorsed the racist 100 to 1 sentencing law regarding powder vs. crack cocaine in 1984 (Caucasian drug users favor powder cocaine, whereas Black drug users favor crack; therefore, crack carries harsher sentences to imprison more people of color). America finally admitted that over-sentencing Blacks was racist and unjust and passed the Fair Sentencing Act (reducing the disparity to 18:1). However, Attorney General Holder appealed the federal judge’s order to make the Fair Sentencing Act retroactive, and he won prison investors the right to keep their human commodities at taxpayers’ expense. Reminds me of old Ellison. Before the Civil War, William Ellison and other Black slave owners and breeders were ruthless, cruel, and mercenary. Ellison was not a man who purchased his own family and friends and then was forbidden to release them. He owned 100+ slaves and became one of the richest men in the Old South. Ellison’s grandson fought on the side of the Confederacy during the Civil War, and the Ellisons invested heavily in Confederate money. Dr. Eugene Dibble and Nurse Eunice Rivers were key personnel during the Tuskegee Experiments, although both of them were Negroes (intentional term). A civil rights photographer and CoIntelPro agent named Earnest Withers gladly capitalized by helping to victimize African Americans, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. People struggling for liberation were deceived by the FBI collaborator and other people of color who defrauded them. The bible says one’s worst enemy shall be of one’s own household. Voters should research candidates for themselves and stop “following the leaders.” It is the ethical thing to do. Read about more sell-outs in the “Cochran Firm Fraud” blog. Oppressors know that many Blacks distrust Caucasians and send “their own” to mislead them.

HAS THE CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS BECOME A CORPORATE FRONT? Answer: Probably.…/congressional-black-caucus-becam…/MaryLovesJustice (Please don’t send me any more mannequin heads in the mail. I’m just answering the question.)

Hey! Isn’t that Alcee Hastings with Ms. Clinton? He’s the originator of H.R.645 – the first concentration camp bill I ever read. He introduced it just two days after the prez’s inauguration in 2009. Planned six concentration camps in America for Americans. He and Ms. Clinton look friendly. Umph. He was one of only a handful of federal judges ever ousted for corruption. Where’s her campaign manager? Gee whiz. That is a scary picture.