Fellowship of the Minds

Hillary Clinton, who won last Monday’s Iowa caucus by the narrowest of margins, must be getting desperate.

According to the The New York Times, Hillary’s support among women “has been surprisingly shaky. Young women, in particular, have been drawn to the septuagenarian socialist from Vermont [Bernie Sanders], and the dynamic has disappointed feminists who dreamed of Mrs. Clinton’s election as a capstone to the movement.”

So Hillary is now using threats and insults to win female votes.

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, the devilish Sauron has a spokesman called the Mouth of Sauron.

Mouth of Sauron

Hillary Clinton, too, has a mouthpiece.

Make that two mouthpieces: elderly feminist Gloria Steinem; and Madeleine Albright, Bill Clinton’s secretary of state and now a professor of international relations at Georgetown University and chair of Albright Stonebridge Group, a D.C.-based “diplomacy” firm.

Steinem will be 82 years old this March; Albright will be 79 years…

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