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Geoengineer Caught Suggesting Using Chemtrails to Spread Pathogens on Cities

Shared under FAIR USE laws, as this is national security issue involving massive commission of treason and murder against the united States of America and 330,000,000 people. We oppose all violence.


CENSORED! Geoengineer keeps forgetting he discussed poisoning our skies [MULTI SUB]

POSTED BY: Patrick Roddie

Published on May 9, 2015
CENSORSHIP UPDATE: YouTube censored this video to stop it going viral, freezing its view counter as it spread like wildfire across the web. (Thousands of shares on Facebook, front page of, and dozens of other outlets.) To stop it from trending, YouTube froze the counter at 6,101 from 0700 Pacific, 5-13-15 until 1900 Pacific 5-14-15, then held it at 6,401 for another nine hours until 0400 Pacific 5-15-15. Sort the comments by “Newest first” and you’ll see plenty of commenters calling YouTube out on…

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