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Black Pope: I Rule Over the Pope

Black Pope:”I Rule Over the Pope, have never even heard of the Extreme Oath of the Jesuits, have NO POWER” and other HUGE JESUIT ORDER LIES.

This short video exposes EVERYTHING that is going on in the world today beyond ANY reasonable doubt. Feel free to download and reupload this vid to your channel, with or without attribution. The important thing is that this DAMNING video wakes people up to the horrible truths about the TRUE ORIGIN of the War OF Terror today.

(Note: Regarding the Resurrection comment on our video, whether Christ resurrected himself or Heavenly Father did it, it is clearly stated that Heavenly Father gave Christ the power to take up his body again, so that we know for certain.)


Federal Contract for FEMA Camp Human Cattle Car Shackles:

PATRIOT NEWS: The following is a Congressional video which proves…

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