PATRIOT NEWS: We haven’t researched, vetted or read any of the claims in this reprinted article by the writer calling himself “ChildHealthSafety”, except for the one where Merck employees threatened to “neutralize” opposing doctors…we also do not give health advice:

Court evidence now available on-line at the University of California libraryshows drug giant Merck systematically targetted “hit-lists” of doctors to discredit, neutralise or destroy critics of the safety and effectiveness of Merck’s drugs.

You can read the documents yourself at the links below [see heading at end “Merck Documents Revealed in Court Evidence”].

One memo stated:

we may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live….”

Dr Andrew Wakefield said when interviewed by CBS:-

This is not conspiracy.  This is corporate policy.”  – [CBS News – Research Links Kids Vaccines & Brain Damage – October 9, 2009 childhealthsafety].

Wakefield is the British medical doctor who put child health safety over autism and the MMR vaccine before his career and has been hounded by big money ever since.

Governments expect parents to trust the health and safety of their children to drug companies like Merck, a manufacturer of the MMR and other vaccines.

And do vaccines cause autistic conditions?  If you read nothing else we strongly recommend you read this: PDF Download – Text of May 5th 2008 email from US HRSA to Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News].  In it the US Health Resources Services Administration [HRSA] state to CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson

We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures.

Despite all the lies and deceit by health official worldwide, the question “do vaccines cause autism” was answered after the Hannah  Poling story broke in the USA in February 2008 [see CHS article here].  Hannah developed an autistic condition after 9 vaccines administered the same day.  Under the media spotlight numerous US health officials and agencies conceded on broadcast US nationwide TV news from CBS and CNN. Full details with links to the original sources can be found in this CHS article: Vaccination Causes Autism – Say US Government & Merck’s Director of Vaccines. [Blue Text added 10 April 2011]

Other recent examples of blatant ‘fixing’ of the published scientific evidence base includes that by Merck and by drug maker Wyeth.

Merck paid medical journal publisher company Elsevier [whose CEO Sir Crispin Davis sits on GlaxoSmithKline’s board] to publish a fake medical journal with articles favourable to Merck’s drugs: [Merck published fake journal – Bob Grant – The Scientist – 30th April 2009].

Drug maker Wyeth flooded medical journals with some 40 ghostwritten articles penned by prominent physicians who sold their name for cash, in an all-out effort to offset the scientific evidence linking its female hormone replacement drug, Prempro, to breast cancer: [Judge orders Wyeth papers unsealed – Associated Press – July 25, 2009].

Covert lobbying and manipulation is endemic:-

‘The use of PR to counter negative publicity’

‘221. ………. Considerable resources are invested into building long-term, sustainable relationships with stakeholders and ‘key opinion leaders‘ and journalists. These relationships are used to promote the use of certain brands and counter concerns relating to safety. Efforts to undermine critical voices in particular were identified, under terms of “issues management”. In later evidence, in response to the ISM’s memorandum, Pfizer stated that PR is entirely legitimate and can “help to educate and inform”. According to the PMCPA, PR activities may include “placing articles in the lay press, TV documentaries, soap operas etc“.’ [p60 ‘The Influence of the Pharmaceutical industry‘ 2004 – English Parliamentary Health Select Committee report [emphasis added]]


Merck Documents Revealed in Court Evidence

Email from Green to Gertz re: William Harvey research conference

To: Gertz, Barry J.

From: Greene, Douglas Alan Cc Bcc:

Date: 2001-10-15 11:12:34

Subject: RE: William Harvey Research Conference

“we may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live….”


Email re list of physicians to neutralize
To: Johnson, Sherrin E

From: Baumgartner, Susan Cc ZZYarbrough, Caroline

Date: 1999-07-23 18:44:43

Subject: Physicians to Neutralize

Attached is the complete list of 36 physicians to neutralize with background information and recommended tactics. You will notice that some have already …

List of doctors — Neutralize/discredit

List of 36 physicians “to neutralize with background information and recommended tactics”.

Physicians to Neutralize

To: Baumgartner, Susan

From: Méndez, Leonardo Cc Yarbrough, Caroline; Johnson, Sherrin; McKines, Charlotte; Jensen, John; Reiss, Sandra

Date: 1999-04-29 18:31:26

Subject: RE: Physicians to Neutralize

Susan great Job!!! in formatting and gathering this information. Now that we have a formal ….


Physicians to Neutralize

To: Baumgartner, Susan L

From: Freundlich, Bruce Cc McBride, William; Bell, Gregory

Date: 1999-07-26 00:41:22

Subject: RE: Physicians to Neutralize Susan-

I’ve recently spoken to S Lindsey, Rollie Moscowitz and Len Calabrese- discussed data in some capacity with each- think they may come around ….


Dr. Andrew Welton Background

From: Counihan, Patrick

Sent: Thursday, August 26,1999 2:46 PM

To: McBride, William; Hallock, Brian D.

Subject: FW: Background – Dr. Andrew Welton Importance: High Bill,

……. what do you suggest to neutralize this physician (ie call or visit). I will ask Medical Services to get location information from physician credentialiing sources.


3 November Appointment

Legal Issue We need to neutralize this Physician as quickly as possible.

…… somewhat receptive to coaching & feedback. However, he hasnt followed through on negotiated commitments. …


Recommended plan — targeted A&A thought leaders

Recommended Plan – Targeted A&A Thought Leaders

James McMillcn. M.D.

Objective: To clarify local field management’s assessment of his importance to the business and need to neutralize and to develop local plan regarding Merck’s involvement with this physician …..


Business Strategies to Penetrate the Hospital Segment of the Northeast Customer Business Unit


OBJECTIVE:   To reevaluate the Cognex potential of the key influencers and reverse or neutralize negative opinions.

To bring the enthusiasts up to the next level…more business.

To develop second tier influencers into advocates within the identified centers



If you are concerned write to your political representative. Don’t complain when politicians  do nothing if you do not write and keep on writing. It is their job to represent you. All our kids deserve proper science to protect their safety.

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