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Has Governor Mike Pence of Indiana Suspended Habeas Corpus? (Donald Trump Vice Presidential Candidate Pick)

3 weeks ago by chris-bates55

So the question has been raised. Has Governor Mike Pence suspended the writ of Habeas Corpus in the state of Indiana?

To properly assess the validity of this question, we must first look at the scenario presented. Meet Brent Swallers:

Please understand, this is not “Doxing”, as I have been asked to make sure this man’s story gets known.

From what one can see, it is possible that Brent Swallers was at some point a Mike Pence supporter. I do not know Brent personally, so I cannot confirm or deny this. Based on his facial expression in the image, I would ASSUME the man is happy to be standing next to Governor Pence.

Well, Brent was very much trying to get involved in his daughter’s life because of some confusion that had come about due to the Department of Childcare Services, and in the process Brent reached out to Governor Pence. Well, based on the picture and the interactions I have seen with my own eyes, I can assume that initially Governor Pence was responsive to Brent.

The issue at hand is that Brent is part of the “Father’s Rights Movement”

Brent was fighting to be a part of his daughter’s life. He felt that he was unfairly lumped into the system as one of the “bad fathers” due to court mishandling of documents. So as any good father would do, he fought back against the system. In the process, it became pretty clear that his case had been mishandled. Rather than attempt to fix the problem, Governor Pence decided to get rid of the problem and Brent with it.

Currently Brent is being held with no right to council, and is potentially going to be moved to another state away from his family and friends, without them having any access. I know first hand and have the documented evidence that Brent filed a civil suit against Governor Pence in 2014, and since being named as Vice Presidential Candidate, Governor Pence has seemingly approved the indefinite detainment of Mr. Swallers to ensure that this issue does not make it out before the election.

As I gather more information, and learn more about this issue, I will release what I know and can objectively find. Please do not forget Mr. Swallers.

He deserves right to fair trial and council, and is not receiving it.