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AMERICAN FREAKSHOW: The Happy Valley/Damascus, OR area is a major hub of child trafficking. Satanic Jesuit Catholics kidnap children via small gangs in custom CIA white vans in the suburbs and in the Portland homeless and runaway communities and then ship them to other cities, including Seattle, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I have personally witnessed an old man with a 14 year old prostitute slave being shipped on Tri-Met’s MAX light rail line, and no one said a word about it, even though it was being videotaped. More info on Damascus/Happy Valley’s Catholic Satanic Kidnapping Rings:

Apr 9, 2015 – I live in Oregon and this place is located in Damascus OR. …. When we turned around we noticed that every single white van was missing from it’s usual place. ….. CIA Child Porn Rings Exposed · CIA Finders…

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