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Walt Disney Illuminati is becoming an interesting topic, many fans who watch Disney believe Walt Disney Animation is no harm to children.

Do you know who Walt Disney is?

Walt Disney was a 33 Degree Freemason, he and Ronald Reagan were good friends. Both men were high ranking Freemasons and both were involved heavily in the abuse of mind-controlled slaves. To prove Walt Disney was a 33 Degree Freemason just in case you have doubts going through your mind, I wish to share you some import information.

So what is the big deal?

Disney use Illuminati mind-control through their cartoons. The amount of subliminal messaging they use is beyond your imagination. Disney have been caught out so many times through their animation, they had to censor their cartoons and re-release them on DVD because people caught them out.

Disney has risen to become the unquestionable largest media entertainment conglomerate in…

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