The Apocalypse Clock

THE APOCALYPSE CLOCK: We oppose all violence and murder, including all forms of abortion. We also oppose all murderers, including Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton,, Donald Trump and his VP.

The following was posted by and Fox News:  

For days, streets of major cities across the U.S. have been flooded with protesters marching against the election of Republican Donald Trump. Police have arrested hundreds of protesters for violence after they blocked streets, assaulted police officers, burned and vandalized property, and more.

But new evidence suggests that the abortion giant Planned Parenthood and other liberal groups could be paying protesters to march against President-elect Trump.

Fox News reports:

The Craigslist ads read: “STOP TRUMP – up to $1500/week. Hiring immediately! Call Today Start tomorrow! $15-$18 hourly rate + bonus + overtime up to 77 hours per week!”

They were placed by a Planned Parenthood affiliate in major cities…

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