PATRIOT NEWS: Apparent pedophile (and son of fascist ex-mayor of New York) and MK Ultra puppet Chris Cuomo just came out and told everyone that you MUST NOT read anything not approved for you by CNN/CIA “news” regarding Hillary Clinton’s now-public Child Molestation/Trafficking Ring E-Mails and Photos. Cuomo is a pedophile who actively worked on covering up the massive child sex trafficking/anti-gun false flag psy-op known as Sandy Hook Hoax. More info on both Hillary Clinton and Chris Cuomo/Anderson Cooper’s child abuse related activities at the two links below:

BREAKING (Nov. 18th, 2016): Wikileaks- Released E-Mails and Photos of Hillary, Podesta and Obama Molesting Children at Besta Pizza and Comet Pizza and Ping Pong in Washington D.C.

Disturbing Evidence of Satanic Ritual Abuse of CNN’s Anderson Cooper by Mom, Gloria Vanderbilt