The United States Secret Service is apparently having a hard time keeping track of things, according to documents newly obtained by the government watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch requested missing item records under the Freedom of Information Act as part of a larger ongoing investigation into the Secret Service. The group found that thousands of sensitive assets have gone missing since 2001.

They describe the information received as “behavior unbecoming of an elite law enforcement agency.”

According to the information received, Secret Service agents documented 11,780 lost or stolen assets between fiscal years 2001-2016.

“This is supposedly an elite law enforcement agency — how did all this equipment get stolen (or lost)? This is alarming. Every American should be alarmed about this,” Judicial Watch’s Irene Garcia told The Daily Caller.

The assets missing were broken down into various groups, including weapons/pistols, cell phones, badges, vehicles and uncategorized “all remaining.”

Weapons and pistols accounted for 121 of the lost or stolen items, while a total of 736 cellphones were listed as missing. Badges made up 571 items on the list, and six vehicles were documented as unaccounted for.

A huge chunk of the assets, the uncategorized “all remaining” portion, accounted for 4,644 of the 11,780 lost or stolen items.

A total of 1,362 assets went missing in 2004 — the largest of any fiscal year listed on the report.

“Honestly, it’s baffling,” Garcia said.

In a response to the findings, Judicial Watch noted that the Secret Service, which is supposed to be a highly disciplined protective force, have become increasingly involved in unethical behavior.

“Besides drunken agents plowing a government vehicle into a White House security gate, a dozen agents brought prostitutes to their hotel rooms during a 2012 world leaders’ summit attended by President Obama,” Judicial Watch said.

“The Secret Service suffered another major blow when a psychologically disturbed man with a knife jumped over the White House fence and ran across the North Lawn, into the executive mansion and to the entrance of the East Room,” its website adds. “Last year a drone flew over the White House and landed in an area that’s supposed to be secure.”


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